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    “I have been working with ECOM over the last 10 years and can highly recommend them to anyone running their business. They remove any unwanted stress and are always on hand to help when we need them.”

    Mark S - Financial services

    “We have worked with ECOM for over 15 years. They provide us with an outstanding service at all levels, from a responsive customer service, IT strategy planning and supplying high-quality competitive products.”

    Jake D - Lighting

    “ECOM made the migration from our internal network to our private cloud service so easy. They migrated all of our data and applications without any complications, they are very easy to work with and understood our needs from the start.”

    Clare C – Accountants

    “ECOM understand our needs and assist with all aspects of our network security. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach in securing our network. These guys are my lifesavers and super awesome at all things I.T.”

    Anita H – Retail

    “They are always available when you need them the most and always introduce us to the latest technology. For us, communication and reliability are key to a successful business. ECOM has ensured this is so.”

    David – Lighting