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28/06/22 News

5 things you should expect from your school IT supplier

Your IT network is central to the smooth-running of your school, college, or university. But all too often, we speak to education providers who are struggling with disparate systems and out of date tech that’s just not able to cope with current demand.

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21/03/22 Cyber security

How to futureproof your school’s ICT systems

School ICT systems can be expensive. So, the more you can futureproof them now, the less you need to invest in them later. But with technology changing so quickly, how can you take steps to make sure your hardware and software doesn’t become obsolete quickly? In this post, we take you through some of the key steps of futureproofing your ICT systems.

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21/03/22 Cyber security

How to keep ICT systems secure in a busy school

Every busy school needs the most secure ICT systems possible. It’s not hard to see why. Firstly, schools hold lots of sensitive information, ranging from student medical records to parents’ bank details. They also have a legal obligation to keep that information safe.

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10/03/22 Uncategorised

Choosing the right broadband for your school or college

Are you looking to the future and wondering whether your connection will handle fast-developing technologies, such as virtual reality or the Internet of Things? If so, don’t worry – this post will make choosing the right broadband for your school or college a lot simpler.

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