Remove/Restrict user

This form is designed to help you remove or restrict e-mails for current users. This form must be completed by an authorised contact and if you have NOT got administration in your contract, you will be charged £10.00 + VAT per 15 minutes.


    Your name Full name of person you wish to adjust: Username of the users (if known): Required Action

    1. Remove User, Remove Mailbox. This will delete the user and all associated emails. The email address associated with this user will also be removed and any new emails will be rejected. Best used when you are 100% sure no data of this user is required.

    2. Remover user, keep mailbox. The user’s mailbox will be backed up before the user is removed. Any new emails sent to the user will be rejected. Please specify in the “Options box” who is to have access to this mailbox, if any. To be used when you require access to the users mailbox.

    3. Keep User, Keep Mailbox, scramble password, and allow access to another user. A complex password will be allocated to this user to stop access. We will then grant a user access to the mailbox. Please provide the user requiring access to this mailbox and their contact number in the “Options” box below. To be used when you still need complete access to the user’s profile.

    4. Keep User, Disable account. This option will stop the user to from gaining access to the system. Any new emails will be rejected. To be used when you are unsure of the required action and/or may need this account re-enabled in the future (i.e. maternity leave)

    Action Required:

    Any other requirements?

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